Getting started


1. Opening Expression Tester

  • The Expression Tester is available in the Apps section of each project of your Jira instance.

  • Open any project and click on Expression Tester.

  • If this is the first time you are using Expression Tester, a confirmation window will be shown.


2. Interface Elements

When you open the open the Expression Tester app, it will look similar to this:


  1. Issue Key
    Enter an issue key to add that issue to the Expression’s execution context. The issue will be available as issue.

  2. Project Key
    Enter a project key to add that project to the Expression’s execution context. The project will be available as project.

  3. JQL Query
    To execute an Expression on a number of issues, you can enter a JQL query. The results of the JQL query will be available as a list of issues named issues.

  4. Jira Expression
    Enter your Jira Expression here. White spaces and newlines are ignored by Jira Expressions, so it makes sense to use both widely to make longer Expressions more readable.

  5. Your Results
    This text box will show the results of your Jira Expression.

  6. Evaluate
    Click the Evaluate button to execute your Jira Expression

  7. Download as JSON
    Click this button to download your results as JSON

  8. ?
    Click the question mark to open the inline help.